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Kayak Eco-tours

Inlets, rivers, salt marshes and ponds abound with natural settings
to be explored close up on a kayak tour.

Surf the cape

The Atlantic or outer shoreline of Cape Cod boast some of the
most popular surfing spots on the east coast.

Beautiful sunsets

One of the few places in the world where both sunrise and sunset can be viewed over the water. The Cape affords stuning views in pristine natural settings.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a spit of land thrust into the Atlantic Ocean like a sandy arm, with Provincetown at the "fist," Chatham at the "elbow," and Sandwich at the "shoulder." The Cape lies just south of Boston on the East Coast of the United States and is the premier vacation resort in New England.

The name Cape Cod conjures up images of sea captains' homes, shipwrecks, whaling ports, pirates, rumrunners, lighthouses, and "sand dunes and salt sea air," to quote the Patti Page song. It is these images that even today create the backdrop for a Cape Cod vacation.

As you drive in and approach the Sagamore Bridge, you'll see an arrangement of ornamental shrubs and flowers that spell out the words "Welcome to Cape Cod." This living greeting, planted nearly 15 years ago, expresses a truth. No matter how many times you visit Cape Cod, you'll sense the welcome, not only from those of us who live here, but from the land itself, which seems to extend an invitation to explore this place that for centuries has attracted people from all parts of the world.

From native tribes and early explorers to English Pilgrims and American presidents, many have visited or made Cape Cod their home, and left a lasting impression.

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